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  • Dr Sadiq is a perfect gentleman and at the same time very professional in his manner. I could not fault the treatment I received.
  • Very pleased with the outcome. Thank you very much.
  • Came back to reassure me about my worries. Thanks!
  • Dr Sadiq operated and replaced both hips and I had every faith in him as a very good surgeon.
  • Mr Sadiq has in my opinion given me back a good quality of life -considering that I was in a lot of pain and could only walk a very short distance I am now walking 2 – 3 miles every day.
  • Mr Sadiq is a superb surgeon. If I were pushed to make an observation of him and the other surgeons involved in my care it is this: they are happiest looking at a computer screen of an x-ray rather than clinical examination of the patient. As is also the case in my profession as a veterinary surgeon, they prefer to be technicians rather than clinicians. Look first at the patient.
  • William has always appreciated what Dr Sadiq has done for him, as well as the nursing and theatre staff.
  • Very good treatment thank you.
  • Came back to assure me about my worries.
  • Dr Sadiq was extremely sensitive to my fear of doctors, hospitals and surgery. He did everything possible to ensure my two operations went very, very well!
  • Very pleased with the outcome. Thank you very much!
  • Fantastic.